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The Weekend [Nov. 3rd, 2014|03:36 pm]
The weekend started in midweek, but I'll spare you the effect to back-to-back (Wed. and Thurs. night)  Mozart Requiem rehearsals.  Friday night (Halloween) I was signing books at Dragon's Lair in Austin and talking to the people who showed up to celebrate the start of National Novel Writing Month.  This was a huge lot of fun--both the signing and the conversations with the people starting (or continuing) a novel.  I didn't get any pictures myself, because I was busy, but some pictures of me showed up on Twitter. 

On Saturday morning, another Mozart rehearsal, before which I took a few pictures at the church, St. David's Episcopal in downtown Austin.  Sunday was the All Saints/All Souls Requiem Mass, with music from Mozart's Requiem. For someone who normally drives into the city twice--maybe three times--the five days in a row thing made me feel even more sympathy for regular commuters.