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Apple Pot Pie

A One-Apple Pie

Just one apple?  Need two desserts?   A small casserole dish, one apple, one round of piecrust...sugar, cinnamon, and butter...makes a nice pie.  Half makes a substantial dessert.  Choose a tart crisp apple like Braeburn, Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, etc.  Do not use typical "pie" apples like Cortland or Granny Smith.  One of the big Honeycrisps will be too big, but will make a good pie and just eat the leftover quarter or quarter and a half.   This little baking dish is a Le Creuset, cast iron with porcelain outside and in.

Quarter the apple and core it.  Butter the inside of the dish.  Put the round of piecrust into the dish, gently shaping it to the bottom and sides.  What hangs over will be folded in.  Thinly slice each quarter (THINLY) and layer the slices in the baking dish.  Layer no more than 2 slices deep before sprinkling generously with sugar and cinnamon and dotting with butter.  Repeat layers until out of apple...should be at least level with top of dish or humped a little.  Fold excess piecrust over, leaving hole in middle; put dot of butter in hole.  Bake uncovered in 350 F oven until crust is golden.

Pie is good warm (not hot) with vanilla ice cream melting into it, or cold.   Or whipped cream.  Or just heavy cream.  Or nothing at all.    Run a knife around the edge to loosen any place the juice got through and stuck, and cut across the middle with the knife.  A big cooking spoon will then lift out half (though you may need to get pieces of crust off the bottom to add to that serving.
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