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Where I ride II

Here are some more shots of the trail system where I ride...obviously not taken all in one session.   Once out of the back yard and through the north horse lot, there's the downward slope of the near meadow to the secondary drainage...the lowest point, which has flowing water in flash floods...and then back up a little to the old ditch crossing (we put rocks in it to drive over if necessary.)  Across the ditch, the Fox trail heads up toward the woods in the distance, climbing up and over two terrace berms, then a sharp turn up onto a third, along that, a turn left into a little swale.


dry-woods-Fox-Pav trail
Entering Dry Woods-Fox Water trail

Cactus Flat is large opening in dry woods between lower & upper levels

Sharp little rise onto solid rock, then gentler to Fox water's rain barn (roof just visible)
Easy to ride down from Fox; tricky (for me) to ride up from Cactus Flat.

The rock crossing at Westbrook, though rough and undulating, is actually easier both directions because the upslope has a straight approach from either direction.
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