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Another Sock Progress Report


Using up the last of the Red Heart "Fabulend" yarn (60% Orlon, 40% wool)  for a pair of socks for a friend.   Or, the last of the yarn I'll knit, should I happen to find more.  The back of one sock-in-progress, showing the carrying of the blue from stripe to stripe, and the front of the other, where that doesn't show.  The plan is that the short stretch of leg below the tall ribbing and the heel flap will be blue, the toes will be blue, and the foot itself will be blue and white striped, narrow stripes.  For me, this is uncomfortable yarn to work with, and after this pair I feel I'll have paid my dues to my mother and her yarn stash and can go back to yarn I like better.   Two other pairs are on the needles, both with 100% wool yarn.

Tags: knitting, socks, yarns

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