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Print-on-Demand edition of Deeds of Honor Coming Soon

Today I received a copy of the POD actual paper book to nitpick for printing errors.  It's a slender paperback, about the size I used to daydream of having with my name on it filled with poetry.  My other book, I thought, would be the Great American Novel, or anyway a novel.  Maybe two or three of them.  However, it was a long, LONG time coming before my first actual book saw print, back in 1988.   But anyway, to stick to the point, for those who don't have an e-reader (raising hand here) and really prefer reading on paper (my eyes are happier that way) and who have an interest in short fiction relating to the world of Paksenarrion, there's about to be a physical book.  And I'm bouncing a bit.
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