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Socks, Incomplete

I had in mind completing another 1-2 pairs of socks by April 1.   As nearly always, Stuff Happened, mostly not the socks, but also one sock in particular.  So they're not done.  Here's the first pair:


These are my standard sock design, knitted in Mountain Colors 4/8 yarn, in the Ruby River colorway.  I've color-adjusted for the cloudy day, which made them look much darker than they are.  This is the same kind of yarn as the other (but very different) red socks pictured last fall. The Ruby River colorway is a warmer red, with coppery tones; the Indian Paintbrush has purples and a bit of rose in it.  I like both.  The yarn is lovely to work with, soft but snugly enough spun that it doesn't split (easily, anyway) though it feels a little light for socks knit on #5 needles (which is what I use--easier on my eyesight.)   Nonetheless--socks it is.  At this point they're ready for the heel turn--I temporarily inserted extra needles in the left sock to show the heel flap's reinforcement stitches; the right sock's heel flap is all curled up.  Note the strand of light blue yarn coming out the edge of the curl...it's marking an error I need to fix before turning the heels and going on.

Technically behind these, but overtaking them when I had a hitch right before turning the heels, are the season's first pair of "shorty" socks.  I knew I wanted to use an off-white, turquoise, and a dark teal blue...and something else.  The something else finally chosen (after laying several other colors of yarn against the turquoise/cream/teal) was a slightly darker neutral, a pale sand color.  These socks are nicknamed "Summer Beach" for the sand/cream/turquoise/teal colors.  Both have had their heels turned; the heel flap stitches are on smaller size needles on one; the other is past the gussets and into the foot stripes.


You can barely see the "sand" stripe (nearest the one-row of turquoise near the needles.  It shows up a bit better in real life.  This picture also had to be manipulated a bit because of the cloudy day, so the turquoise (on my monitor) is more blue than turquoise and the off-white is whiter.  Anyway, I wanted a pale color in mid-foot and there's another sand stripe just starting.  Both heels were done in eye of partridge, which looks very different in solid colors than the hand-painted yarns.

The yarns in this are leftovers (from the taller socks) of Ella rae Classic Superwash "Light Turquoise,"  Ella rae Classic "Magnificent Blue (dark teal)," Cascade 220 Color #8010 ("natural"...I think.  Can't find the skein label to be sure) and Cascade 220 #9600 (the one I call "sand")   "Sand" is the first skein I tried to divide evenly using a swift, a ball-winder, and my new kitchen scale, but...I screwed up some, so the two balls were not the same weight at the end.  Next time I'll use a lightweight plastic bowl for the tare to hold the yarn on the scale as I pull it off the swift.  I bought both these Cascade 220 colors specifically to stripe with others for summer socks--to "lighten" the color palette between bands of the richer, more saturated and intense colors I like for the other socks, which they do.  I like how they look and have laid them near the other colors I'll be using.   All the leftover yarns from regular socks turn into stripes in the short socks, and though I make (and want to keep making) solid socks in my favorite five colors (red, rich blue, emerald green, turquoise, royal purple)  plus some others off and on,  I want the striped short socks to be varied, with each of the five "standards"  used in different combinations.  The shorties are messier to make, with the multiple colors, but also quicker.  I don't have to do 5 or more inches of ribbed cuff.

I have plenty of yarn--I just need to knit every single day, put those rows on one by one and two by two.  However, some days/weeks don't cooperate.  This week is all about choir.  Tonight is a long rehearsal.  Tomorrow night is the Maundy Thursday service.  Friday at noon is the Good Friday service, and on Easter we'll be singing both main services.  Big anthems, lots to practice (and practice at home) and energy to keep going.

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