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Best-laid Plans

The first parts of Holy Week went fairly well--the Palm Sunday anthems, Wednesday's rehearsal of those for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and one run at the big Easter anthem, Stanford's "Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem."   Thursday night's service went well, with all the anthems.   Friday, I was up on time to get ready for the Good Friday service, but on the way up the driveway to the old minivan (which was my drive for the day)  with all my stuff, I fell *splat* and did some damage.  Not enough to keep me from getting up, with help, and going on, but enough to be pretty miserable on the way in, and somewhat more on the way back out.   (One of the annoyances was that the old minivan's ignition, and the way my keys are usually arranged, meant the keys were bobbing against my injured knee the whole drive in.  At least there were jeans in between knee and keys.)   When I looked at my knee at church, it had both a scrape and a big blue bruise coming up, and my right hand had an obvious big bruise as well.

By the time I got home I was shaky and sick-feeling, as well as having more pain from the hand and knee, with other pains making themselves known around the edges.   I consider myself lucky that I could fall like that and not break anything...it could easily have been a broken wrist (thank you, fencing, for strengthening my wrist!)   It was my own carelessness that caused the fall; I was hurrying up our rough driveway, carrying my stuff in a disorganized way, the purse and music bag by their straps, in different hands,  with the choir robe draped over my left arm, the elbow held out to keep it the choir robe from dragging on the ground, rather than the robe folded over my arm the way I usually carry it.  So when I stepped on a rock that rolled, and lost my balance, what could have been a recoverable misstep became involved with swinging bags (one of them fairly heavy), a choir robe, my grabs for the things I was carrying, and...splat, as I said.   Everything ended up on the ground, some of it well out of reach from where I lay.

Saturday I had lots of aches and pains in addition to the ones I felt most on Friday, no energy, and felt off-balance and feverish as well.   I slept some, since I hadn't the night before until long after midnight.  By Saturday evening I had to admit that I wasn't going to make it for Easter (a really good call, as it turned out, because I would not have made it) and notified the choir director.  So today I'm home, not at church.  My head seems a bit clearer.  The bruises are slightly less tender, but the other things still hurt.

On the bright side, when a 70 yo takes a fall like that, and doesn't break anything, it's a win.  Everything that hurts is soft-tissue stuff that will quit hurting on its own in time.  There are other altos in the choir who sing as well as or better than I do and can do the anthem proud without me.  And now, as Pepys said, to bed.  It still hurts and I need more rest.

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