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Website outages

For those of you who visit any of my websites or read the site-embedded blogs...yes, they're all down.   It's Verizon's fault.  They had some kind of problem night before last that destabilized my hosting service for over six hours...and by the time Verizon claimed they were up and stable again, they had done "something" than knocked the hosting service and all its sites down.  First they swore they'd fix it yesterday.  No.   Then they announced that someone would be "in" at 8 am today and that was the right team to fix it.  No.  Then in the afternoon they sent an emal to the hosting site to say the right people would be in late tonight.   I am not holding my breath.

As my hosting service says, "You could not make this up."    This is not the first time Verizon has knocked over the china shelves, so to speak, at my hosting service.

But if you have noticed the sites are down--yes, I know (have known since before the "fix" when the connection was off-and-on) and yes, I know it's not the hosting service, but Verizon.   It will get fixed eventually, although the desire to pour a bucket of wet fish down the back of Verizon's CEO's jacket is becoming stronger.  (The ability to do this is of course limited by common sense and better things to do.  Like use the time I can't be blogging on the websites to, um, work on the current chapter.
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