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"Summer Beach" shorty socks

The "Summer Beach" pair of striped shorty socks have had some problems here and there, but overall I'm happy with them.   They're to the same basic pattern as my other short socks, but this time combine two yarns leftover from regular socks and two yarns purchased for striping.  They're shown very incomplete in an April 1 post (Socks, Incomplete)  and here they are off the needles and on my feet.  Not yet complete, since a lot of the stripe yarn ends are still not woven in, but I couldn't resist showing them.

I like the effect of the "sand" colored yarn, Cascade 220 color #9600, in the middle of the foot.  I'm still not sure of the color number for the cream/white yarn, but it's also Cascade 220.  The turquoise and the dark teal are both leftover yarn from the "big" socks.   I have very little of the teal left.  And now to weave in all those shaggy yarn ends.   The next pair to be finished are the Ruby River socks.

Tags: knitting, socks

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