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Sock Knitting Progress Report

It's been a good year for knitting so far.   I've finished five pairs of socks, though two were started in 2014 (one in October, one in November) and delayed by my decision to finish the socks my mother had started for a friend 1500 miles away.   So that's three pairs started in 2015 and finished in 2015, and another one nearing completion...I'm over halfway down the feet of both socks.   And it's not like there haven't been interruptions--I haven't been able to knit every day.   Pictures behind the cut.
Left:  Herdwick wool, 2nd pair (red stripe), started October 2014, finished mid-February 2015
Right:  Ella rae Classic wool, started February 6 and finished March 7, 2015
No image of turquoise pair started November 2014 and finished February 2015

Left:  "Fabulend" Orlon/wool blend yarn (old yarn) made for friend in upstate NY
Right: Wool shorty socks made from combination of leftover yarn and yarn bought for striping.
Yarn brands: Ella rae Classic, Ella rae Classic Superwash, Cascade 220

Early image of pair now more than halfway down the foot.
Yarn is Mountain Colors "Ruby River"

And now they're finished, April 28, 2015

They look this dark because it's a cloudy day and I took the picture in the kitchen, with a mix of LED and camera flash.

I have a lot more iknitting to do this year.   I need at least six more pairs of the shorty socks, six pairs of regular socks (to replace worn out ones) and should do a couple of pairs for friends.  In theory, I can do two shorty pairs a month or one regular pair a month (that, and do the other stuff I have to do, like finishing this book and starting another plus other contracted work) but we'll see.

EDITED to add picture of finished Ruby River socks
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