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Sentimental Socks

It's April 28.   If my mother were still alive, she would be 102.  Last year my father died a couple of months before his 102nd birthday.  For some reason that made it important for me to finish a pair of socks today since she was a fantastic knitter, much better than I'll ever be.

Last year, when I found her workbag with a pair of socks for herself started...I felt compelled to finish them (though they would not fit me) and find a home for them, which I did.  And then another pair, using her old acrylic/wool blend yarn, for the same friend.  And then this pair, thinking of her and hurrying to finish it by, or on, her birthday.  It felt right to finish them and get them on my feet today.

This is the fourth pair of socks I've started and finished this year.   It's been heavily cloudy all day, and the lights in the kitchen (a mix of LED lights + my flash, plus trying to match colors in my photo-software isn't as good a look as it would've been taking a picture in sunlight outside, but--these are a mix of warm reds, brown, sort of a dull peach/orange.  On my own I'd have named them Firecoal, but the yarn is Mountain Colors "Ruby River" colorway.   A local yarn store (a distance away but no yarn stores are really local!)  was promoting Mountain Colors yarns last year for a store project, and I bought enough yarn for three pairs of socks.  This is the second I've made up.  The other was the Indian Paintbrush colorway, and here's a comparison with left foot in Ruby River and right foot in Indian Paintbrush (and some serious tinkering with histogram adjustment.) 


I have a lot of socks to knit this year to replace those that wore out, are about to wear out, and otherwise vanished from my sock drawer.  Plus the gift socks I'm committed to knitting.   My mother told me about her father's (annoying to her as a teenager) "While you're resting..." which meant "While you're resting, do something else useful."  But my mother accomplished a heckuva lot while she was still alive, and when she was sitting down "resting" she was usually doing something useful.  Sewing, knitting, crochet, mending something.    It's going to take that commitment to meet my sock goals for the year--but I've made a good start.  Socks in progress will go with me everywhere.
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