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Humbling Socks

These socks have earned the name "Humbling Socks" because they've certainly taken my sock design-and-making ego down several pegs.   Not just the color thing, but the sudden failure of a familiar, much-used yarn up in the ribbing while I was working on the foot, and the discovery of several slack holes in the bottom of the second sock which I hope aren't more yarn failures.  But they're done.  Off the needles.  Here they are on my feet, before I had woven in any of the yarn tails.

Humbling-socks-view1                     Humbling-socks-view2

This is the first time I've made socks with completely matching stripes...and there are ten different yarns in these socks.  The old gold color (Bernat Sesame yarn about 50 years old) did last out the pair, but there's not much of it left.  I wasn't sure it would be enough when I started the toe of the second sock.  But there's enough for a (very) few stripes on future socks.  (It's really more mustard color.)   What's left of that yarn will be put in a sack with others of the same brand that have only a smidgen left.

That many yarns means a lot of yarn tails.  Time will be spent today weaving in the shaggy manes:


And fixing any weak spots I find, mostly along the bottom where I changed color or failed to "anchor" a join at the end of a row.

This is the second of seven pairs of shorty socks I have planned for this year.  As always, they will be mostly yarn leftover from other socks (or, in the case of my mother's stash, other projects--that mustard-old-gold yarn was leftover from a cardigan she knit me when I was in college.)
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