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A Nifty Knitting Book

Knitters and geeky-knitters should both be glad that Joan of Dark has another book out, Geek Knits, published by St. Martin's Press and available at Barnes & Nobel and other fine stores, Amazon.com, etc.  For more information on price & where to get it, check out her website at

Geek Knits_Final

In addition to all the patterns, the pictures include projects modeled by some well-known figures in science fiction....for example, G.R.R. Martin, with a dire wolf on his shoulder...

Dire Wolf Main

                                          Then there's the Captain America knit dress for women to reveal their inner hero status...more practical than a bronze bra.

America Alternate Image

Or, for Harry Potter or Mythbuster fans, this Muggle Artifact Back Cover modeled by Adam Savage
Muggle Artifact Back Cover

Very techie, with sine waves, electrical coils, and other interesting designs relating to technology.
All photos here courtesy of Kyle Cassidy.
Tags: books, knitting

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