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Old Yarn

Fifty years ago, more or less, my mother was knitting me sweaters with a lovely yarn, Bernat "Sesame".  100% wool, permanently mothproofed, colorfast, it came in 2 oz sacks called "Pull Pouches", with a little plastic cllosure at the top that the yarn could feed through. The wool stayed safe and untangled in the plastic bag, and it was very convenient packaging.   When I dug past the acrylic stuff at the top of a box of my mother's yarn stash, there were some of the bags of "Sesame" in various colors, the perfect opportunity for striping socks.   The wool was as soft and "bouncy" as I remembered, a lovely feel in my hands, and I tried it first in very narrow stripes (1-2 rows...and then in the "frame"  of a shorty sock.  This is what the packaging looked like:

The plastic has discolored a little with age, but the yarn colors I've used have been just as pretty as I remembered.   The dark blue here is a deep navy and will be the "frame" of a red/white/blue "July 4th bunting" shorty pair. The dark green, on the right, called "Bottle Green" will form the "frame" of another shorty pair, blending a medium soft green, dark lavender rose, butter yellow, and cream.

What I mean by frame is the top of the shorty socks (the ribbing stripe is a contrasting color)  and heel flap...and the toe.  The sock foot may or may not use that color, but the heel and toe always match.  Since the stripes are often non-matching between R and L sock, having the top, heel, and toe match "frames" the sock pair.

There's a lot of other interesting old yarn I should photograph and show as well.
Tags: knitting, yarn

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