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The Fourth Is Coming, The Fourth Is Coming

And naturally, with a convention and travel coming up, I needed something to knit.  I hoped to get these mostly done by the time I was on the train back,  but someone said "You'll never finish those by then," so...I did.

4th-of-July3 and another view    4th-of-July1

Four different yarns, ranging in age from "just bought" to 40 years.   Blue: Bernat "Sesame" from my mother's stash.  Red: Ella rae Classic, maybe a year since I bought it, leftover from making solid red regular socks.  White: Cascade 220, purchased online, arrived the day before I left.   Cream-white: Cascade 220, purchased earlier this year or maybe late last year from yarn store: it's the ribbed stripe near the top.

Ignoring the narrow white "filler" stripes top and bottom, there are 13 red and white stripes (7 red, 6 white between them) of equal width, as on the flag.  I have lots of leftover red yarn (and balls of red yarn waiting to become pairs of red socks) and bought the white because I didn't have enough cream-white.

Naturally this pair is named "Fourth of July"  and is the fourth pair of shorty socks I've knitted this year.  I put them on only for the pictures; they won't have their first day of wear until July 4th.  Since I have more red extra yarn than any other color, I'm also going to make a pair with red framing (where the blue is on these) and blue stripes.  I don't have enough of this blue to do two socks, but I have other blue yarn.
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