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Red, White, and Blue

Reversing the position of red and blue on the 4th of July socks produced this:
Red-white-blue-socks-8-20-15        Red-white-blue-socks-hist
        In the kitchen while it's raining                                            Outdoors next day

This image was taken in the kitchen during a rainstorm, so the colors are not as "clean" as they should be, but you get the idea.  (If it's sunny sometime in the next few days, I'll replace the picture above with one taken outside . EDIT:  And yes, there's the sunlight picture.)  The overall impression is, to me, quite different than that in the 4th of July socks.   Where the color is makes a bigger difference than I expected--but this may be just my perception of it.


On the RW&B socks, the red is the same red as the 4th of July pair:  Ella rae Classic red #31, same dye lot.   The blue is Ella rae Classic navy blue, #85 (no, it's not black.  Fiddling with the adjustments in my photo software never got both the red and the blue to show "right" but I'll bet they do better with an outdoor image on a sunny day.  It really does match pretty well, considering different brand and almost 50 years of age between the two blues.)

This completes my project "2015 Short Socks" on Ravelry.  And because I am happy with them, and want to show off,  here they all are, one picture after another (on a brighter day outside, I'll arrange them in a group and swap out these pictures plural for that one singular.

Beach-socks-complete4-21-15 Humbling-socks-view2Sunshine-daylight1
         Summer Beach                                      Attitude Adjustment                         Summer Sunshine

    4th-of-July3           Mother's-colors-2
             4th of July                                                                             Mother's Colors

Mountain-vacation-shorty-1432                            Red-white-blue-socks-04
       Mountain Vacation                                                           Red, White, and Blue

Since making the "crew" socks (taller ribbed cuffs) from new balls of yarn results in leftovers, the making of striped socks will probably never end.  I foresee a lot more stripes in my future.  And maybe some fancier colorwork too, though stripes are a lot of fun.   I've made two pairs of the crew socks with stripes:

blue-green-striped-socks002    red-blue-socks-final

The blue & green ones had a solid blue cuff, but the red and blue ones had striped cuffs as well as feet.
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