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Three New Species

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, bright and breezy and cool, and a friend came up to walk the land with me.

We saw a lot of interesting stuff, including finding three "new" species for my land list.  I got good photos of only two of them, both moths (the butterfly's picture didn't come out well at all, but there are other good shots of it elsewhere online.)

This is a Crambid Snout Moth, but I don't know the species (yet!)  It's a tiny, TINY little moth that was snugged up to a stem of greenbriar.

And this one is an Ailanthus Webworm Moth, much more colorful but not much larger.  Notice it's turned its head to look at the photographer.  I love the "alien" face with white "fur" and big black eyes.  It's perched on an Ashe juniper, which is no relation at all to an ailanthus tree (and we don't have any of them anyway.)

The butterfly was a Common Mestra, a small, pale butterfly (upper wing surface mostly gray and pale gray; under wing surface fawn with light spots and streaks) with a band of pale golden-orange across the back of the hind wing.  

This brings the invertebrate count so far up to 232, and the total "critter" count to 442.  We have so far only scratched the surface with invertebrates, I'm sure, and there are still unidentified vertebrates (the nocturnals and subterranean ones) that haven't been photographed.
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