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Living Room Develops (so does the roof)

The living room began to look civilized with the new sofa and loveseat, and the pillows (theirs and mine), but it wasn't done (and still isn't, quite.)   We moved the old secretary back in there with the pretty bits of mismatched china in the top.  Found the small area rug in intense greens to put between the sofa and love seat.   I moved the old carved chess table to a new temporary home at one end of the sofa.  An old afghan my great-grandmother, great-aunt, and mother made moved in, and a couple of woven throws useful in this season.  And a floor lamp to brighten one dark corner (there will be more additional light in the room eventually.)

View from the hall

As with cooking, every addition helps the room come alive (too many won't!) and adds layers of interest rather than flavor.  Pillows my mother made and/or made needlepoint covers for.  The rug,  The old afghan.  The new light.


Eventually, small end tables, with lamps (or one with a lamp, anyway, if I leave the floor lamp where it is.  If two table lamps, the floor lamp will move to its diagonally opposite corner; it not another another floor lamp will go there.)   Some kind of table between the sofa and love seat for plates, drinks, and feet.  But it's certainly looking way better than it did before.

Outside, the roof is nearing completion.   Light green metal (to match our roof at the other house, the barn, and the rain barns)
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