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Tomorrow morning, 11 people are supposed to show up for a field trip at our place.   By 8 am.  

I have been lazy lately, except for Sundays, which are early-to-rise-and-sing days.  But by 8--before 8, when the coordinator arrives--I need to be up, dressed, breakfasted, and...you know...before heading out on the land with 11 people who will want to see more than we have.  The winter sparrows haven't arrived yet.   I didn't get out this afternoon to put out feed in all locations because I've had a migraine since this morning.   Nor have I cleaned a path from the back door to the hall bathroom.  Nor have I...etc.

And it's 6:30.  We're now talking 13.5 hours to go.  And sleep has to happen in there sometime if the headache will let up, and if it doesn't I'll be useless tomorrow, when I'm supposed to be co-leader for this bunch. (The coordinator, the other co-leader, is still worried that some people might get lost on the land if allowed to wander around by themselves.  I defy anyone to get lost on this land if they stay on a mowed path or a marked trail.  Heck, I defy anyone to get lost if they *don't*!   Eighty acres isn't that big and most of it is open--you can see the edges.  You find an edge and follow it back. ) 

Must go.  Must hustle. 

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