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Merry Christmas Socks

These are sorta plain brown heather socks...but they're Christmas socks because I finished them on Christmas Eve, for someone else.  Many mistakes delayed these socks, but they're done now, with love and prayers for the recipient, who will get them late, but no less wrapped in love.

Christmas wishes to those who celebrate, and to others, may you have peace and joy in your own way.

Otherwise Christmas is unseasonably warm--has been warm for over a week--and was downright hot in church last night.  The choir, crammed into the choir pews behind banks of candles, and encompassed in long choir robes with cottas over them...was soaked through by the end of the service.  Some people felt ill and had to leave.  The air conditioning and even the fans broke down; repairs brought only a tiny trickle of air into the sanctuary until someone had the wits to open the downstairs outer doors--but it didn't cool anyone who wasn't at the back of the church and in line with the stairs.

The Christmas breakfast (waffles, a rare treat) stuck in the waffle-iron after two waffles, and was abandoned for converting the waffle batter to pancake batter and cooking on the griddle.  That worked.  We will deal with the waffle iron when it's thoroughly cool.  (There is no such thing as a truly non-stick waffle iron.)   Next comes the opening of presents and then a few other chores before I put the ham in the oven and potatoes in the pot.  And when the ham comes out, the bread pudding goes in.

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