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January Socks in Work

Socks overlap: I like to start a pair when I turn the heel of the socks just ahead of them, and sometimes I get lucky and am ready to turn the heel of the "behind" pair when I finish the "front" pair.  Not always.  So far this month I've finished one pair (medium blue) and started a following pair (rose with speckles), but wasn't down to the heel turn for some days after finishing the blue.  So when I did turn the heels of the rose pair, I started a brown heather pair (a warm orange-tinted brown).     Here's where they are, now.

The rose socks are past the little bump on the top of the foot and have had their final decrease before the toe, so there's just straight knitting, no counting, for a few more inches.  The brown socks are still on their ribbed cuffs, one just over two inches and the other just under; they'll end up at five inches before I switch to plain knitting.   I've not made socks in either of these colors before, though I've used the rose as a combination with other colors in the summer short socks.  These will be "fill-in" socks, to complete the seven pairs in a week's bag of socks (there should always be five: red, blue, green, turquoise, and purple, plus any two other colors.)  Once I realized I wasn't limited, in socks, to the same colors that look good near my face, I went just a little crazy...I can wear yellows, coppery tones, etc. on my feet.

When the rose socks are done, I'll add their final picture here, as well as on Ravelry
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