e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Progress minus...

So...I got sick.   Now when I can't work on the computer, I can often knit (and sleep, then knit again...) so I continued to keep the socks in progress on the bed with me.

This led to...really stupid and first-time-ever errors.  But here's some images of where the socks are now...

Brown-green-sunset-socks1   Brown-green-sunset-socks2

The other brown & green sock had to be ripped back several rows, and I don't have it back on the right needles yet (it's got the stitches held on a combination of a contrasting strand of yarn and a couple of cable needles.  I've felt too unfocused to risk trying to put it back on the regular needles.)

This brown & green is almost to the heel turn; the heel flap is, as usual, in Eye of Partridge stitch as reinforcement.  Once the heel's turned, I'll switch back to the brown heather to pick up the stitches along the side of the heel flap and then begin the gusset decreases.  Like the ribbed cuff, the foot will be brown with green stripes, and then will have a green toe with a brown stripe.

The other mixed-colors sock is about an inch along.
Tags: knitting, socks

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