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Almost Done

So last night, awakened by paroxysms of coughing from a too-short sleep, I picked up the unfinished mitt and had at it.  Decided to use a K1P1 ribbing at the very top, and discovered (partway through the intended length) that I was running out of yarn.  NOT the place I wanted to try splicing in another length, esp. since I was working between coughing fits, sneezing fits,  trips to the kitchen to bring back more tissues, cough drops, and water.  Also tired.  I did finally get the bind off done with about 12 inches of yarn left hanging, but did not pull the yarn through tightly, as I was considering unraveling in the morning back a ways to make a taller top line of ribbing.

In the morning, I put it on to show family...and disaster....as the bind off came unbound and freed up a bunch of K & P stitches.  In a panic, I went on an secured the last stitch holding, then got a needle and put the others back on, and redid the bindoff, but now, instead of the surprisingly smooth and even top, there are...irregularities.   You can see them easily; I changed the contrast and all so you could.  Yes, I already know about them (hint, hint) and what I did wrong (hint, hint) so you don't have to explain.  Still haven't dealt with building up a short thumb section.

That place where my wedding ring is peeking through?  That's where the unraveling started, propagating rightward.

I would've liked another half inch of length, but as this is a test mitt, it wasn't worth attaching another big hunk of yarn.  This was a leftover from (I think) short socks, themselves leftovers from long socks.

A view of the back of my hand--I had to put my hand flat on my desk, and stand up, to get the camera to focus on it.


The few rows of 1x1 ribbing did uncurl the stockinette,  This mitt fits a little more snugly on my right hand, but I needed that one to hold the camera so I would be angled to catch the light from the window.

Anyway...I'm wearing it while typing, with the stitch holder still holding the 10 stitches at the bottom of the thumb-hole and it's quite comfortable to work in. For indoor use (it's a north window, and leaky) I don't really need a thumb section--but I have had a cold wrist and hand.  Today I have one slightly chilly wrist and hand, and one that feels comforted.

The next one should be better.   Especially if I can get over this virus (though when I do, I must plunge into book revision.  At present I can't stay up that long.)
Tags: knitting
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