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Birthday Socks & Pair 50

It's not quite my birthday yet, but then these socks aren't quite finished, either.  But more about that later.  I wanted cheerful socks for my birthday.  This pair overtook the pair already underway because I made such a mess of one sock of that pair the first week I was sick.   This pair pretty much screams "HAPPY!" at me, which, having been sick several weeks and with a birthday days away, I needed.

I put them on right after closing the toes, went outside, and took the pictures.  Their first formal wearing will be on my birthday because...birthday.

What, non-knitters will ask, is left to do?   (Knitters know.  Knitters are sniggering now...)   Well...every time you change the yarn, for instance to make a stripe, there are loose ends.    And though you can stick your feet in them with the ends still loose, the right way to finish socks is to weave in every single loose end.  Neatly.   (If you knit with only one yarn, and it doesn't have a break in it, there are only two ends-one where you cast on and the other where you do some kind of bind-off.  I purse-string 'em at the toes.

This is what the inside looks like, laid next to the outside of the other sock:


I change yarns at the bottom of the sock--or, on the leg, at the back.  Weaving these ends in wlll take me several days, but I should easily finish these by my birthday.

One more picture:
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