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The only interesting thing (I think, not being a numerologist) about becoming my age is that it's a prime number.  It sits right next to a very non-prime number which is divisible by lots of things (making it, by the way, a good number of stitches to cast on, giving you multiple choices for pattern repeats.)   My agent sent me a birthday card congratulating me on being in the prime of life again (although I'm not sure that prime number birthdays actually do correspond to the *felt* primes, but who knows?

I will be celebrating my birthday longer than one day because this is Monday (a) and I can (b, final answer.)  Today  I made a real, solid, home cooked meal for the first time in weeks, a largeish batch of beef vegetable soup with added smoked ham hocks just because.   (Approximately 2 and a bit pounds of beef and about 1 pound of the pork.)   Onions, celery, carrots, corn, tomatoes, green chilis, green Bell pepper, mushrooms.   I've had it twice today.  Yum.   Yesterday I finished dealing with the loose yarn ends inside the Birthday Socks (back a post or so) and put them on at daylight today, very happy.   I took a nap after getting the soup going well.

We are trundling along, awaiting the predicted storms and rain.   It was very humid today, but aside from some sprinkles we had no actual rain.  Lots of wind, though.
Tags: birthday, cooking, weather changes
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