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Storms [Mar. 8th, 2016|11:44 am]
[Current Mood |relieved]

Yeah, we had Weather.  Including, very briefly, a tornado warning right on top of us.  The twister (if indeed it touched down) did so between us and Jarrell, off to the east, and I hope it didn't cause anyone a problem.   We got an inch and a half of rain (yay!)  in hard, heavy, windblown buckets and barrels (not quite so yay!).   No trees or branches down, no leaks.  No problems here that we've spotted yet (trees may have come down in the woods,  but we're not down there.)  More storms due later today, tonight, and part of tomorrow.

[User Picture]From: coalboy
2016-03-08 06:24 pm (UTC)
May future rains be more sizzle-sozzles that are slow enough to soak in, rather than buckets and barrels.
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[User Picture]From: e_moon60
2016-03-08 09:07 pm (UTC)
What's forecast is severe thunderstorms, but I'll take rain as I can get it. NO MORE TORNADOS. Not for anybody.
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[User Picture]From: gifted
2016-03-08 11:25 pm (UTC)
Glad it seems to have passed without incident.
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