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Socks and Sandals

I finished the royal blue socks last night, too late to take a picture.  Here they are in late afternoon sunlight and shadow:

Royal-blue-socks-1 Royal-blue-socks-4-26-16

They are fresh off the needles--not washed, not blocked, not worn yet.   They will be worn for the 24 break-in tomorrow.    Last week I bought new sandals (the old ones are still wearable but the time I got into quick-mud (like quicksand only black clay) seems to have caused some stretching and a little discoloration.   I will continue to wear them, but when I saw these, I could not resist:

Here they're worn over turquoise and lavender striped short socks.

And this is how they look over the new royal blue socks:

Tags: knitting, sandals, socks

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