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Why the Gaps?

So it's been, um, a month and a day since a post.  What kind of way is that to do social media, someone will ask.

LifeStuff.  Pressure of work and health issues.   Pressure of work always limits the time I have to compose posts--writing for social media competes directly with writing for a living.   (No, I don't want to monetize a blog.  I don't have ads on my sites or blogs for a reason.)  Sometimes I have spare time after doing a day's regular work, and then--sometimes it's fun to write a post here or on one of my other venues.  And sometimes I not only have no spare time, but am working past my physical limits to get the work done.

Personally, I hate that getting older means being forced to admit limitations.  I've always been a workhorse, happy with my shoulders into the collar.   But even a workhorse gets old.  For the past few years---and it may be more than a few--I've been pushing and pushing and pushing to keep up with the level of productivity I used to have.   Dropping off one non-official duty after another to keep the main line functioning, until, this spring, I realized I was not just losing ground on those things, but on actual physical health. I'll spare you the details (won't interest most of you, and those who think they have to know--butt out.)  And my writing was suffering, too, by the past six months at least.

So early last month, finally admitting the damage done, I decided to make a change (and was almost immediately hit with the need to do a rewrite that pushed me right back into the harmful patterns of too little sleep, grabbing whatever was around to eat)  and am, with medical advice, on a new regimen.  It's amazing how the brain clears with a week or so of 8 hours a night and regular meals of actual real food.  (Because we live 50 miles from the city, obtaining and cooking actual food takes hours that I hadn't spent for awhile.)  Recovering health and fitness will take longer, of course, and include recommended vigorous exercise, but clearly this was a necessary change.

What it means for those of you who read my books (and aren't here just to look at pictures of knitting, the land, and/or the occasional political rants (of which there will be a couple today, just warning those who hate them)  is that I have to work fewer hours to have hours for sleep, cooking the right foods, and exercise.  Fewer hours writing means, of course, slower production.  Right now it's VERY slow, because regaining health is the priority.  More than a couple of hours at the computer a day and my concentration frays.  I hope--and actually expect--it will improve, but I doubt I'll be able to maintain the same amount that I did 10 years ago.  Better less writing done well, than more done badly. 

Expect some delays.   Understand the necessity.    I'm not quitting--I'm regrouping.

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