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Musical Sunday

We ended up not singing the Walton because some persons needed for it didn't show up--in fact, were out of town.  So we did a much easier and familiar anthem instead.

But in the afternoon, we went over to the Bates Recital Hall at UT's Performing Arts Center to hear a rehearsal of Brahms' German Requiem.  The chorus was mostly students, and the orchestra was the UT Symphony Orchestra.  And it was good.  Not without problems (no rehearsal is without problems, and I've sung for Dr. Morrow, the director--last year when he took one of his choirs and our church choir and we did a Bach cantata) but a very exciting and moving performance.

As an extra, we got a Ralph Vaughn-Williams (it actually started the rehearsal) but next to the Requiem, it was, though pleasant, a minor accessory.

I think Michael enjoyed it as much as we'd hoped he would.

For those who want to see a few more pictures, there's a new set up on my website at www.elizabethmoon.com/photogallery.htm. 

And now, back to work.
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