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No, That's Not Christian

So Pence said today on television--I saw it, unfortunately (I was looking for local weather and got this instead) that he was a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.

Wrong.  Pence is a Republican, yes, but he's neither a Christian, nor a conservative: he's a Republican extremist.   I have posted before about the curious theology that calls itself Christian but doesn't do what Jesus said to do, and instead does things Jesus said not to do.  And the political philosophy that calls itself "conservative" but doesn't actually "conserve" (or even try to conserve)  anything but the privilege of rich white guys, is not, in fact conservative.  It's wasteful, destructive, the very opposite of what "conservative" means.
It's not uncommon in this world for human wolves to pull on a sheepskin and try to pretend they're the sheep's best (and even only) friend, but it never fails to amaze me how well this works for people like Trump and Pence--and in fact for the whole mess of people up there in Ohio cheering on the destruction and waste that is the Republican trainwreck in action.

This will require another trek through the Gospels, to make it clear why I insist Pence is not a Christian (whatever he says, and whatever church he's a member of says.)    Jesus knew that among his followers were those who weren't really his followers, but pretending.  Judas is only one example.   So it's no surprise we have them today.  And we have the same means available to pick them out, because Jesus made it very clear, in both the Beatitudes and Matthew 25, on what grounds his followers might consider themselves actual followers, and not "hearers of the word only." 

Real Christians do what Jesus commanded them to do.  What was that?  Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, give drink to the thirsty,  take in strangers and care for them,  visit the sick and imprisoned.   Love one another, including their enemies.  Be alert for opportunities to help.   Forgive injuries. The more Christians have, the more they are supposed to do these things...and on these actions, they will be judged at the end.  "Anything you did for one of these, however humble, you did for me."

Real Christians don't do what Jesus told them not to do.  What was that?  Fail to recognize others' needs,  and by ignoring them or actively harming them, refuse to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, provide water to the thirsty, take in needy strangers and care for them, visit the sick and imprisoned.   And beyond that,  Jesus said not to make a show of their religion, praying publicly in order to be seen as religious.   Not to seek worldly power, prestige, and wealth,  spread hatred, harbor anger against others.   Jesus said not to judge others harshly, "for with what measure you judge, so will you be judged."

Jesus never said "If someone is sick and cannot afford medical treatment, just let him die."   Jesus never said, "Love the neighbor who looks just like you and goes to the same church--the others are all evil and you can kill them at will."   Jesus never said "If you're ignorant, do your best to hide the facts from others so nobody can learn."   Jesus never said, "If poor children are hungry, maybe that will make their parents work harder--let those children suffer."  Jesus never said, "Hate all these people, drive them out, beat up on them, kill them, and you will be saved."  Jesus never said, "Make life harder for everyone but yourself, for you, as Christians, deserve an easy life of absolute safety and comfort."  No.  Jesus promised his followers that they would be condemned, scorned, while they were doing what he told them--while they were helping others, while they were loving others.

So let's look at Mike Pence.  What does he stand for?   In the past, he has promoted and carried out policies that made life worse for most people in his state, from cutting funding for services that actually helped people (health care, schools, libraries, parks, police and fire services) in order to cut taxes on the rich.   He is opposed to women's health care, including their right to reproductive choice, even at the cost of women's lives.   He opposes immigration (no "taking in the stranger" for him!), opposes "handouts" to the hungry, the homeless.   He is opposed to any of the "common good" principles of government and thus favors privatization of public property, so someone already rich can make more profit off it.   He has stirred up anger and resentment against the poor, persons of color, feminists, non-Christians (his kind), and LGBT persons.   He has sought (and obtained) money and power and prestige.  And he certainly claims to be religious, bragging about it, naming it first of his identities:  "I'm a Christian," he said.  He says he is a Christian...on what grounds?   Well, he belongs to  a church.  A church that apparently teaches fear and hatred, rather than the love that casts out all fear, because he claims that his fear and hatred of those classes of others that he does fear and hate arise from his religious faith.

So...that's why I say Mike Pence is not a Christian.  He is actively, openly, insistently operating against the commands that Jesus gave to his followers.   He does not follow Jesus.  He follows something else.  And it's about time that these wolves in sheeps' clothing had their fleeces yanked off and were outed as not really Christian at all.  These false prophets, as Jesus warned, who would pretend to be speaking in God's name while actually speaking to increase their own prestige, their own power base, their own direct material profit.   It is men like Pence who convince others that Christianity is all about hate and fear--about having power, dominating others, rather than serving them.

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