e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Test of Formatting.

This is a test of LiveJournal's formatting of text, since some of the text in the previous post was not formatted correctly, although it looked good in the editing pane.  There's not an easy "word wrap" fix in LJ, so there's no apparent way to fix a post that doesn't handle word wrap on its own.  This amount of text should wrap into the usual space.  Let's see if it does.  If it does, then I will try an additional bit of text added after this one and a "break" function.

And here's more text that should format into normal "word wrap" paragraphs within the LJ cut function.   Will it do so?  This should test the operation of that function.   It it turns into single lines that run off the "page", then the glitch is somewhere in that function.   If not, the problem in the previous post is something else.
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