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Today was a great birthday.   First, all my websites and their embedded blogs are now safely moved to a new site, live and functioning their new home.   All done...and I am grateful to all involved in this, from the wonderful staff at my former host, SFF.net (waving at Jeffry and Steve)  to my original web guru Ruta, whose designs transferred so smoothly, my new web guru, Karen, who fought the good fight with a less than ideal Someplace Else, and finally to the talented and gracious Anne Yates-Laberge, who was able to confirm that the problem was not with my sites or blogs, but with the Someplace Else and its tech support...and then to slide the active sites at SFF.net into their new home in her servers with what seemed like (to me, here in Texas) blinding speed and ease.   Anne is a genius, just sayin', and many thanks to Jeffry for referring her to me and me to her.   Good match.  (And for those looking for a web guru/hosting space/etc., give her a shout at anne226@gmail.com.)

Some of this was going on before I left to have a birthday lunch with my husband, more went on while I was away, and the rest got done after I got home.   The birthday lunch was the annual STEAK with CHOCOLATE dessert.   (Not steak-with-chocolate...there was space between.) 

Now that the website moves are done and done, the last of the book should come together fast.   Somebody's going to die, though I'm making so many typos tonight that I may just go to bed and finish when I wake up.   (That's not a spoiler...who it is, and how many, and why, woud be a spoiler.)   COLD WELCOME has had some nice early reviews, and INTO THE FIRE is, despite having taken me an extra month to finish, feels pretty good.

For those curious, the music for the last part of INTO THE FIRE is a turn to the music for the last of the first group of Vatta books, Bach's "Magnificat" and Vivaldi's "Gloria."

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Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday!

And steak, comma, with chocolate dessert sounds delicious.
Happy birthday! Steak followed by chocolate sounds wonderful. I'm glad the website relocation issues got resolved. Pesky website issues are annoying.
Happy birthday, and many happy returns of the day.
A very happy belated birthday to you.

I couldn't work with those pieces playing! My brain would be listening too hard. But they are wonderful pieces of music.
Happy Purrsday!
Happy Birthday!
Glad you had a great birthday.

Eagerly anticipating the kindle edition of Cold Welcome popping onto my tablet soon. I'll probably do a re-read of the previous books even though reviewer says not needed.

Happy birthday! By the way, do I need to have read the other Vatta's War series (I've only read one so far) before reading COLD WELCOME, or will it stand in its own right?

Steak, with something chocolate-y for pudding, sounds a great birthday meal; we often have that for our birthdays, although more recently I've taken to cooking duck breast (magret de canard) instead; also delicious and almost more of a treat. Although I do have some steak in the freezer that wants eating, now I come to think of it.... maybe an early wedding anniversary dinner (we'll be away on our actual anniversary).
The first book in the series, Trading In anger, is on sale at the Kindle store and Apple store for $0.99, probably today only. I found this through the BookBub newsletter, and promptly bought it.
I'm glad you had such a happy birthday!