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WGA Writers' Strike

I support the WGS writers in their strike for a stake in digital publishing of their work.   Ever since digital publishing got out of the starting blocks, publishers, producers, and others have tried grabbing electronic rights, aided in some cases by people who deny the validity of copyright altogether.

I myself have had work distributed electronically without my prior permission, and with no compensation to me; that is illegal and also highly annoying (esp. when some dork runs it through a scanner and a spell-checker and what comes out is not what I wrote.  Nothing book-length, and with unique words, will come out of that in the same shape it went in...just so you know...one time "soldiers" turned into "sold hers" which  sure makes hash of a sentence like "Eight soldiers came out of the woods"  ("Eight sold hers came out of the woods?????")

For a statement of support from SFWA (Science Fiction Fantasy Writers of America), see this site:


If you're worried about your favorite TV shows, write the network and the production studio, and tell them to pay their writers fair residuals. 

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