e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Bach: Orchestra rehearsal

I'm semi-awake again.  Wow, last night's rehearsal was, though  not long, very, very intense.  Problems emerged, partly from the completely different seating charts and the width of the choir (meaning, for those of us near the trumpets on the left end, that we could not hear the sopranos on the right end and thus some stuff that depended on hearing them was very hard.) 

OTOH, despite the change in venue, the different acoustics, the different people next to me on all sides, the presence of the orchestra, it went pretty well.  Not perfectly, but pretty well.  I wish we had another rehearsal before the dress rehearsal tomorrow night, but...we'll make it.   Assuming the sore-ish throat doesn't get worse, which I sure hope it doesn't.

Warts and all, there's still nothing like singing that kind of music flat out with trumpets and kettledrums and woodwinds and strings and organ and.....wow.   A huge rush.

Now I'm off to continue the search for the black slacks I'll be wearing (assuming I can find them!) tomorrow night.
Tags: bach, choir, rehearsal

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