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Although I found the day to be frustrating in several ways--everything took longer, and I was tired from lack of sleep all day--things got done.   Himself, for instance, got Michael's internet working again, much to Michael's satisfaction.   It required a trip across the county, but it's working.   We both voted in early voting; I got my hair washed between thunderstorms (not knowing that it would calm down in the evening and there would be no rush) and some laundry got done, picked up some needed groceries,  and I learned that the appraisal notices weren't lost in the mail--they hadn't been mailed yet.  I have the paperwork for tomorrow at Southwestern all done and in the car; I think I'm ready for the day (if I get some sleep tonight)  and I know where the clothes I want to wear are.  And there's an umbrella in the car as well.

All that may make up for the paucity of words today.  I  kept staring at the page....and what did get on the page is, from tonight's view, stale, flat, and unprofitable.  But it's words, and they'll get better.


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