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Bounce, bounce...

My agent sent me a good review of Moon Flights.  


This is the kind of review that sends the writer off to bed with fluffy dream clouds....not only the general praise, but the reviewer picking out some stories that I felt had been overlooked when they first appeared, stories I've always cared about.  "New World Symphony," for instance, was trashed in a review when it first appeared.  (Ha, she says, and ha! again.)   

Thanks are due to publisher and editor for their skillful arrangement of the stories...putting the wrong stories back to back can kill one or both, and it takes considerable experience and tact to figure out the best arrangement.  It's not something I'm good at, at all, but Jason and Marty did a brilliant job.

(Now to convert bounce-bounce into sleep-sleep, saving up the rest of the bounces for tomorrow's work...)

Tags: reviews, the writing life
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