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Walnut Olive Bread

The idea for this came to me in San Francisco last year, when I was eating walnut bread from a famous bakery (name escapes me--you SF natives will know which it is, I'll bet) and had also bought some kalamata olives and a bit of hard sausage (and a cheese which turned out to be all wrong with that particular sausage, alas.)   Kalamata olives and walnut bread were a great combination, so I thought that someday I'd try them in a bread.  But first I had to figure out how to make the walnut bread.  My walnut-seed bread isn't like their walnut bread but I like it--it's a good sandwich bread, a good toasting bread, and a good bread to eat by itself. 

Well, this evening I started a batch of bread and decided to try it with kalamata olives in it.   They are, so far, my favorite olives.  Out of three loaves in the batch, I added olives to only one, just in case it turned out awful--we'd still have two loaves of walnut-seed bread.   The walnuts and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, and pine nuts) went into the batter before it became dough, as usual.  I took a likely amount of the pitted olives, dried them, then rough-chopped them (some were in two pieces, some in three, etc.)  and dried them some more.  Then after the first rising, when I divided the bread to shape the loaves,  I took one lump, hand-flattened it to maybe an inch thick, and studded it with about half the olive pieces, pushing them into the dough.  Then folded the sides over,  turned it, flattened it that much again, and studded the top surface with the rest of the olive pieces, folded the sides over again,  and flattened it out with a rolling pin (my usual way of shaping a loaf: roll out to roughly a half-inch thick, in a long oval, roll up like a jelly roll, tuck in the ends, and into the pan it goes.) 

The result?  Half that loaf is gone already.   One slice was not enough.   Butter isn't right for it--cream cheese is.  By itself with nothing is good, too.   I can see taking a slab of it into the field, with maybe a hard boiled egg, for lunch.
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