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Choir notes...

The boss is back in town after belated anniversary trip with his wife to West Texas and he is full of energy.  More energy than patience.  We sang...and we sang...and we sang...  Two Messiah choruses, just a read-through; he looked at us over his glasses and suggested that though we had sung Messiah before perhaps we had not sung it with choirs who could sing it very well....someone said "Ouch" very quietly behind me.   A Mendelssohn, an Oldroyd, and whatever it we're doing Sunday with a guitarist who I hope gets the amp setup working without that awful screech..

I discovered that the formerly easy long sixteenth note twiddly bits (um...I think the proper term is "melisma" or something like that)  re now beyond me without a breath at intervals.  I used to be able to pop those notes out easiliy.  Sigh for the missing lung capacity.  Joy for the chance to sing this stuff again.   People who get tired of singing Messiah must've sung it more times than I have.

A good, but exhausting, practice.   Glad to be back in that harness again.   But a late return home and once more I'm up after midnight and the energy has all run out the rathole.
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