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So...this  morning I've had a conversation with my agent about the new proposal I wrote and emailed him yesterday,  have communicated with my publisher about something that required me to spend over an hour hunting up information on the 'net, have answered a number of business-related emails (there are yet more waiting), and have answered a few of the comments here.  I've been at this since shortly after daylight, with a short break for a cup of hot chocolate and a conversation with my husband about things we need to get done in the next day or so.

Words actually written on the new book...0.   My contribution to things we need to get done in the next day or so...nothing.  

This is not good.  Morning is my best first-draft productivity...and it's almost 11, and I haven't written a single word on the new book. 

So,  I'm going to have to make myself scarcer, somehow.   (Or clone myself.  I could keep three or four of me busy with my current schedule, and then I could take nap now and then or go to bed before midnight...)  I do wish there were a way to appropriate hours from people who are bored and claim they have nothing to do, and give myself more hours in a day.  Hidden hours.  Hours no one else could find, so that I couldn't be interrupted, hassled, told about the myriad other things that haven't been done and could/should be.  Better yet, the people with nothing to do could come do the stuff I can't get done because I run out of time....but they probably wouldn't have any interest in doing what I need done...

But enough of this.  I've got to go make the chapters roll...

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