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Well, that was a day...

As midnight nears...the thought occurs that it's been another one of those interesting days.  The word count didn't do so well, as once again, stuff happened.

Among the stuff: email from someone who'd read the ARC and found an error that my husband also found.  I looked at the email, the family copy of the ARC, then looked at the several versions of the manuscript in the computer (not all versions are there, since the copyedited ms. and the page proofs are elsewhere.)  

It may or may not be fixable in the first printing. We shall see.  That all took awhile. 

Then there was the email  from my editor about the proposal (no answer yet, number crunching is going on.  Not to mention gnashing of teeth and breaking fingernails at this end--I don't chew them, they just break.) 

Then there was the mowing.  Mowing may suggest to you a nice pleasant level lawn or (if you have a farm background) haymaking.   This is mowing of tall dead (since the freeze) grass and weeds, to cut down on fire danger (near the road) and open the grassland canopy for winter annuals and also create shortgrass habitat for things that like shortgrass habitat. 

Then there was recovery from mowing, which involved removing as much of the dirt as possible before taking a shower and also trying to unstiffen after a lengthy session on the tractor.  Yesterday when I was mowing, there was a nice breeze so I knew where the clouds of dust and chaff would blow...today it was almost still at times, so I was surrounded by apparent Brownian motion of dust particles, chaff particles, little dancing motes of something in the brilliant sunlight.    I need to mow tomorrow, too.  The entire grassland won't be mowed down at any one time, but I'm less than half done with the winter mowing. 

Then there was correspondence to deal with (maybe half got done) and then it was time to leave for choir.  Choir tonight was interesting because usually it's good and tonight it wasn't.  Tonight one section in particular was in trouble (not mine, thankfully!) and got lectured and given ultimatums, which the rest of us realized were aimed at us, too, if we screwed up next week.   So two hours of difficult music and a more difficult rehearsal, after which I staggered back out to the car feeling limpish.

And then I drove home and now it's time for bed.
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