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If tomorrow goes as semi-planned...in the morning I will call the meat processing place and see if they're through processing Sir Loin the Luckless and if I can pick up the meat...in which case, I will take off for San Saba (almost two hours away)  with every cooler I can stuff into the car...and then come back to load the freezer for the next year.  And there will be much rejoicing. 

But this afternoon the farrier called and wants to come tomorrow morning because he has other calls in our area.  He was injured last month, pretty badly, and is only now recovered and catching up, and his wife's grandfather died last week, etc.    This means I might have to be in the car far away when he comes...which means Richard will end up holding the horses for him.   Should be...interesting.  I hope my boys (equine and human) behave, but I haven't been working the horses at all, what with weather and the demands of preparing music for Christmas.   Bananaface has taken to closing Mac in his stall, the same thing he did to a horse back at his home farm years ago.  I'm going to have to find a way to latch the stalls open.   Mac has figured out that if he kicks the stall wall hard enough, we'll hear it and come out and release him, but that's not good for the stall walls or his legs.

And then there are the friends in various hospitals...and work, yes, let's not forget that.   Pages to be written, others' work to be read, business to be conducted, checks to be written...

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