e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Userpic mini-rant

I hate wiggly animated userpics.

When, for instance, I'm reading a bunch of short comments, and all the userpics are jumping and jiggling and moving around...it's really hard to read the comments.  The movement isn't cute anymore--it's distracting.  And on my laptop, the size of userpics is so small that--with my aging eyesight--I can't really see what's going on without staring at the userpic a long time...and then it just keeps doing it.

The ones that cycle through a series of still pictures aren't nearly as bad, though still a little distracting.  The ones that cycle through a series of wiggly, jittery moving ones are the worst.

Note: I don't hate the people who use them.  I just hate the wiggly userpics themselves.   They take longer to download, they're distracting, and yet I can barely see them...it's like having one of those annoying insects that gets on your glasses and leaps around in your visual field. 

Anyone know an easy way to turn them off? 

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