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Butterfly gallery

It's not fully loaded yet, but there's a Butterfly & Moth Gallery in my Scrapbook. 

(More newbie problems.  I tried to go back and add the URL of that gallery and ran into multiple problems.  Let's see if I've got it working now...and no, I don't know why the first line suddenly indented itself and won't go back where it belongs.  So I finally deleted that line and rewrote it.   Something  even crashed Firefox once.)


At least the URL's there now.  Anyway, the butterflies and moths gallery should eventually have the various species we've found on our place.   I know I haven't found/identified them all yet, but the current "zoology list" has 56 identified butterfly species, of which 48 have been photographed and 8 moth species, of which 6 have been photographed (two moth species still not identified for sure, but photographed.) 
Tags: butterflies, lepidoptera, moths, wildlife
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