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Today is set to be busy-busy-busy, and it didn't  help that yesterday's weather change brought today's headache.  However...

I started at dawn by attempting to organize last  year's web-size pictures into folders by month.  Why I didn't do this from the get-go, in every year, is One of Those Things, but it's being done now, and for this year they'll all be in month folders within the year folder. 

The reason for starting organization with the pictures (besides not having to bend over and pick up piles of paper off the floor), which is what organizing the study would require)  is of course the invitation to speak at the TOWMA meeting in a couple of weeks.  I am trying to find the "right" pictures to print out for show-and-tell.   I need to decide whether to have them in hand-around-able booklets (the skinniest possible ring binders) or display them on a foamcore board, as a sort of poster. 

Today being the weekly trip down to the city for choir practice...all the city chores get bundled in, and today there that makes a big, time-eating bundle (no choir practice for two weeks...NO trips to the city...well, except for going to see a friend who's been sick.... If I didn't love singing that music, city trips would be monthly, not weekly, at most.)   So why, if I managed to visit a friend (and on the same trip drop Michael at the ice-rink) didn't I get all the city-chores done last week?    Er.  Urm.  Um...well.  You know...

But THIS week, everything WILL get done.  Everything.   Even with headache.

Though I hope to get the pictures sorted before then (not going to be easy...have a LOT of websize jpegs from last year.  Oh--and that means they've been cropped, and resized, and if necessary had color adjustment and stuff done to them, and then reconverted to jpegs.....) 

Another question is, should special topics not related to the land proper go into different folders?  The horses, for instance, esp. the pictures relating to Mac's bout with laminitis and his recovery?  (And that reminds me, I haven't scrubbed out his boots...and that reminds me, I need to do *something* about the feed room/tack room, which is in a terrible state of disarray....but so is my study, the bedrooms, and the utility room.   They got that way because tasks with higher priorities (as in, do this now or things will get much worse, much faster)  took up the time.   And every time I started on the house organization, interruptions arrived in droves. 

But THIS week, everything WILL get done.   (Is that an echo from previous weeks?)  (Is that ROTFL I hear from the corner over there?)  

And I just realized (moving yet another file to a new folder on that computer even as I write this post on this computer) that I've already messed up: the dates on the websize files are the dates they were created as jpegs, not the dates they were taken (no cactuses flowering in September here, so any image titled "B&W beetle on cactus flower" was taken in the spring sometime, not then.  (wail of woe...nooooo.....)  

OK, OTHER stuff will get done.  Like giving up and taking some aspirin and then scrubbing the horse boots.  (Mess on the floor?  What mess on the floor?)

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