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Soup of the day...

Today, being wet and cold (sleet at dawn, cold rain thereafter, temps in the 30sF)  was the perfect day for soup-making.   I hauled out two packages of bones, perhaps 6 pounds altogether, slathered them with barbecue sauce, and started them roasting.   The usual vegetables and herbs and so on went into the big pot, when the bones were ready, and then it started on its progress to soup (and some to stock.)   I did finally decide to add in the quart of brown stock (now frozen) I made a couple of weeks ago,  

This time I took three quarts of liquid out to freeze, then put the other stuff back in (minus any bay leaves I could find)  to be tomorrow's soup.  It's quite edible now, but a night of reflection will make it better.   And tomorrow I must make bread.  Should have done today, but various requests came in that had to be dealt with.

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