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Earlier today a friend who had been awaiting a heart transplant was told they had a heart...she was born with a serious heart defect, survived surgery at less than a week, and has had repeated surgeries since but her heart was finally giving out.  When she was a baby, no one thought children like that would live to adulthood, let along be able to have a baby and make it to 50.  But her heart has been giving out for the past several years and there was nothing more they could do with the original....so this is apparently the first attempted heart transplant of an adult with her kind of original defect.   There are many technical difficulties as not only was her heart not normal, but the attachment to pulmonary circulation wasn't either.  (Her way of saying it was "I have a three-chambered heart that pumps backwards.")

I don't know when the surgery actually started--have heard nothing since "they've got a heart; they're prepping her" earlier today.   On something like this, it's all or nothing....of course we all hope it's "all." 

Waiting is no fun.
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