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Good news!

My friend who had the heart transplant last weekend is now free of the breathing tube, sitting up, talking (though hoarsely, thanks to days with  the endotracheal tube in), and recovering as hoped.   They expect to move her from recovery to the cardiac ICU in a day or so...this is pretty much on schedule...and then after so many days in the ICU (where the concern is to prevent infection and monitor rejection status)  she'll move up to a regular room and thence to leaving the hospital.

Her husband reports that her color is much better (pink and not grayish or bluish) , something she hasn't been for a couple of years at least--and remembers everyone who's stopped by the past few days even when she was being sedated.  

So all is going very well indeed.  Whew!!!    She's not out of the woods yet, but she's done as well as someone can in the first days after a heart transplant.
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