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And we're off....

Whether it was the contract news, or the stuffed sinuses, or the dark chocolate late in the evening or what, I don't know, but I could not sleep after about 4 in the morning, and my mind was racing.  I lay there in the dark, turning from side to side, and suddenly the racing mind caught a gear and went into deep mode...on the book.  As the scenes, conversations, etc. flowed through, I tried to grab them into memory, but they went too fast.  Finally I got up, felt my way into the study in the dark, and started writing.

Any day I get 2500 words before 8 am is a good day.   And these aren't just 2500 noodling-around-feeling-my-way words, these are wheels-within-wheels plot-moving words.   They feel different coming out (doesn't mean they're the exact right words--they're not "in voice" yet, all of them.  But that's revision's problem. ) They're live, grab on and get dragged words.  They're littered right now with my commentary on what I'm discovering ("OMG he's going to do that with HIM?  Holy c**p in a bucket!  I can see where this is go--wait, hang on, let me get this down...")

I may get more done today, but then again may work on one of the other projects for a break...or go off to the native plants nursery and see what's available this year.  I am determined to get the native woods violet growing in the woods.  We had a few blooming there last year but rabbits got one pair and the unusual floods took out the others before they got rooted in.   Richard ordered a lot of stuff from Native American Seed and the Texas Forest Service yesterday ("It was cheaper to get 25 bur oaks this way than in just the bur oaks..." was his explanation for ordering several hundred tree seedlings instead of the 50 I though he was ordering...a set of 25 each bur oaks, Shumard oaks, bald cypress and....something I forget at the moment.  I think he ordered two sets "just in case."  Oh, wait, eastern red cedar was on his list, too.)  I forgot to tell him that my wish-list for Native American Seed included standing cypress and purple prairie clover...so he may have to order more...)

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