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The rest of the day

Our favorite and closest native plants nursery no longer exists.   Grump.  We were all set to enjoy a rainy late-morning stroll among the sticks-in-pots, before walking off with multiples of the native violets and just maybe one of this...and two of that...and surely we can't leave this fellow all lonesome, the only whatsis in the place.   We looked online and located several places that handle native plants down in Austin; I called one to inquire about native orchids (yes, the prairie and creeksides here once had two or three kinds of orchids, but they're now rare) but all they had was exotica.  I don't want exotica, I want Spiranthes vernalis and Corallorhiza wisteriana, both of which are listed for our region.  Moreover, I want them not from other parts of the country where they're very common, but sourced from somewhere within 100 miles and propagated in the nursery trade.  They don't carry them, but might be able to get them.  We'll see.  I also would love a clump of Scheele's setaria, a grass we have two plants of, but haven't been able to get to spread, if they've got a local source, and both purple and white prairie clover (native, unlike bur clover, red clover, sweetclover, etc.)   And I still want lots of the native wood-violet (pale, pale lavender or white flowers, delicately marked with thin purple lines) to go down in the creek woods.   We need lots because it's the larval food plant for fritillary butterflies.

I did laundry.  Lots of laundry.  I thought about thawing out some lamb and decided against it.  Wrote checks, addressed envelopes, and R- went off to the post office and bank.  That, of course, is when M-'s social worker called, all upset because the people who audit service providers had found that he didn't have a particular piece of paper in M-'s file that they wanted him to have, and we should fax it immediately.   Well, WE didn't have it.  We didn't have it because the court doesn't provide it unless you pay extra (and I'm already paying $12/year for the privilege of filling out their required yearly report form, and every third year have to renew the bond...which is annoying...)   Well, but he *needed* it.  Not like I needed to not be interrupted, I wanted to say, but didn't. 

Eventually,  when searching the place produced nothing like what the social worker said he had to have, I called the county clerk's office and got the nice lady (there's a very nice, very helpful person in that office) and so on Monday we will go by the county courthouse and I'll pick up the !**! letter and we'll hand-carry down to the social worker's office (in a different town...heaven forbid they'd put all this stuff in the same town...)  and *then* we'll go plant-hunting in the next-nearest native plant garden.

The person from the provider agency who'd made an appointment to pick M- up for a recreational/socialization outing didn't come (at least she called to say her car wasn't working) so  he wandered over a few hours after she didn't come to say he wanted to go to a movie.  He and R- went off to a movie.  I fed horses around 5 and discovered that Mac, who was walking sound earlier, was now going short--the damp finally got to him.  But now he had his nose in his manger and he's not cooperative at all if he's eating.   By the time he'd finished it was--with the thick clouds--getting dark and there's no way I can get his booties on by myself in the dark.  Or reallly, by myself at all--someone needs to hold the lead rope.

Tomorrow morning I'm taking off for the city for the initial rehearsal of the Campra Requiem that we're doing with First Presbyterian's choir (in St. Martin's Lutheran sanctuary...we're nothing if not ecumenical...)   the schedule says 9 am to 2 pm, with a break for lunch (thanks, boss) in there somewhere.  So poor Mac will have to survive the day without his booties, but I'll try to get them on tomorrow afternoon, assuming I get back in decent light and there's someone here to help halter him and hold the lead rope for me.  At least it's stopped raining.

And now I should be getting ready for bed.  Clean sheets, yum.

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