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Lamb, rack of

My original plan had been to do one of the four-rib chunks Saturday, but Saturday the monster headache hit and I opted for making a quick soup out of frozen stock and stuff instead. 

Today when I got home from church, I burrowed into the lamb pieces and found a nice little rack of lamb section (four ribs' worth), and set it out to thaw.  As if.  It was still mostly frozen when Richard and Michael got home, and I stirred myself to put it in the oven, rib side down and fat side up.   So it took awhile to cook; partway through I covered it, though with the amount of fat (it was a show lamb, after all) that was as much to keep more spatter from the oven as to keep it from drying out.

Though lamb is very good rare, I let it cook longer due to the imperfect conditions of the butchering--just in case.   We were rewarded with some of the best lamb I have ever put in my mouth.  Tender, juicy, sweet...needed only a sprinkle of salt to be delicious (and could probably have eaten it happily without even the salt...)   I knew that home-grown beef was that much better than supermarket beef, but I didn't really expect that this lamb--our first to process from woolly to freezer--would be quite this good.  (Of course I'm biased.  But even so...wow.   I am *so* looking forward to ground lamb from the shoulder hunks.)

And it's a relief to know that we didn't somehow ruin it...it *should* have been OK, but "should" doesn't always work out into "is OK."   It was.  More than OK.   Bodes well for the two legs of lamb.  I found an Australian site with lots of lamb recipes, and plan to try two different recipes for the two of them (not on the same day, of course...)  

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